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digital art printed to archival paper


one of a kind 

16 x 16 inches 

These prints are based on a computer solution to a mathematical problem. After placing 300 dots, randomly, on a piece of paper, one connects the dots with a single line that never crosses itself. This approach is derived from a mathematical problem in which the goal is to find the shortest possible line. Finding the line that can be proven to be the shortest is computationally difficult, and beyond a small number of dots, impossible to solve even with the fastest computers.

By changing the goal to find a line does not cross itself, one is assured of finding a short line even if it can not be proven to be the shortest.

This is an example of a principle in mathematics. In some cases the solution to a mathematical problem is not in the solution itself, but in finding a method to seek the solution. This is the case when there is no perfect solution or where the perfect solution is computationally impossible to determine.


Richard Ten Dyke

October 21, 2023

Promenade Blue / Violet

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