Pound Ridge Square

Scotts Corners

55 Westchester Avenue

Pound Ridge NY 10576

Gallery Hours
Tuesday                                 12 - 3 pm
Thursday -Saturday          12 - 5 pm
Sunday                                   12 - 4 pm


Our gallery is open, but given the increase in positive cases locally and regionally, we ask that you inform us that you will be coming to view art. 

To enter the gallery, you must wear a mask and maintain a safe distance of 6.5 feet from Red Fox Staff. 

If you do not have a mask, we are happy to provide you with one. 

We clean the gallery frequently throughout the day, and try to keep the doors to ensure safety for all.


Red Fox is not currently accepting new artists into our gallery roster.


However, we are always interested in learning about new and exciting art. Please send an email to with your artist CV, a selection of images, and a link to your website.

Please note; due to the volume of inquiries, we do not respond to all artist submissions, and we do not accept or respond to submissions sent in the mail or phone inquiries for showing art. Thank you for your understanding.

Tel: 914-486-0359
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