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2008 - 2023


Cotton, stain, wood

41 x 62 x 37.6 inches

Karrie Hovey

 Originally created while in artist residency at ARE Holland in Enschede.


The work is inspired by Hovey’s bike rides along Holland’s waterways and observing an abundance of lily pads in them. The artist researched and found that the overgrowth was due to nitrogen run off from agriculture and fuel in the water allowing the pads to thrive. 

Consequently, the overgrowth impaired healthy organism below by choking light and essential nutrients. 


The artists works in textiles often and in this piece the intentions for fabric are a reference to the industrial town of Enschede which was known for fabrics. The industrial warehouses were now bare having lost textile business to Asia.


The 2023 update to the work is purposeful with use of wood legs that are “unstable” and lofty - commentary referring to the unsteadiness of agriculture,  ecology and water - essentials for our survival.


The piece can be adapted to be used as a table if desired. Please enquire for further details.







karrie hovey | Tether

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